VT St. Albans – Townshend

St. Albans
The northernmost engagement of the Civil War, known as the St. Albans Raid, occurred here on October 19, 1864
St. Albans is called “The Maple Syrup Capital of the World,” and in late April sponsors the annual Vermont Maple Festival. The festival includes many different food-related contests, as well as a footrace from Swanton, 8.2 miles (13.2 km) to the north
   Notable residents

Warren Austin, senator and ambassador
Arthur Scott Bailey, children’s author
Bradley Barlow, congressman
Paul Blackburn, poet
Ezra Brainerd, college professor
Lawrence Brainerd, businessman, abolitionist and senator
Richard Brewer, cowboy and outlaw
Elbert S. Brigham, congressman
Josiah Sandford Brigham, physician and politician
Chris Cantell, entrepreneur
Abbott Lowell Cummings, architectural historian and genealogist
Sile Doty, robber and horse thief
Winston Freer, magician
Frances Frost, poet
Frank L. Greene, congressman and senator
John Leclair, NHL hockey player
Edward J. O’Neill, army officer
Dan Parent, comic book writer and artist
Edward Chester Plow, soldier and politician
Louis Sherry, restaurateur and hotelier
Ann Eliza Smith, writer
J. Gregory Smith, railroad tycoon and governor of Vermont
John Smith, congressman
William Farrar Smith, engineer and major general
Worthington Curtis Smith, congressman
George J. Stannard, farmer, foundry operator and major general
William Strong, judge
Hiram F. Stevens, lawyer and politician
Benjamin Swift, congressman, senator and governor of Vermont
William Shepard Wetmore, merchant
Augustus Young, congressman

St. Johnsbury
In 2006, the town was named “Best Small Town” in National Geographic Adventure’s “Where to live and play” feature.
   Notable residents

GG Allin, punk musician
Jonathan Arnold, delegate to the Continental Congress and early settler
Lemuel H. Arnold, congressman and governor of Rhode Island
George Baldwin, Wisconsin politician
Asa P. Blunt, brevet brigadier general
Jean Dubuc, baseball player
Franklin Fairbanks, businessman and philanthropist; founder of Winter Park, Florida and Rollins College
Horace Fairbanks, governor of Vermont
Thaddeus Fairbanks, inventor
Frederick G. Fleetwood, congressman
Jacob Gates, religious leader
Chris Hedges, journalist and author
Ellery Albee Hibbard, congressman
Harland Bradley Howe, judge
Stephen Huneck, artist and wood carver[18]
Luther Jewett, congressman
Milo Parker Jewett, educator
Khonnor, musician
Charles Hosmer Morse, businessman; founder of Winter Park, Florida and Rollins College
Graham S. Newell, state senator
Edwin Wallace Parker, missionary bishop
Jonathan Ross, senator
“Dr. Bob” Smith, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Erastus Snow, religious leader
Zerubbabel Snow, religious leader

   Notable residents

Barbara Cochran, 1972 Olympic Slalom Champion.
Lindy Cochran Kelley, Member of the U.S. Ski Team (1970-78).

   Notable residents

Orestes Brownson, intellectual and activist, preacher and labor organizer.
The 2007 Fed Cup Semifinals between the United States team (coached by Zina Garrison) and Russia took place in Stowe on hard courts in July. Vania King, Lisa Raymond, Meilen Tu and Venus Williams made up the team for the U.S. A 4100 capacity stadium was built at Topnotch Resort, a high-end resort located in Stowe
   Notable residents

Douglas Casey, investor and financial author.
William “Billy” Kidd, alpine skier who became the first American man to earn an Olympic medal in the sport.
Joe Kirkwood, Sr., professional golfer.
Graham Mink, professional hockey player.
Joseph Skinger, artisan.
Ken Squier, former NASCAR Lap-by-Lap commentator
Maria von Trapp, matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers.
Fritz Wiessner, pioneer of free climbing.
   Notable residents

Edmund “Tad” Coffin, saddlemaker and Olympic equestrian.
William Sloane Coffin, clergyman and activist.
Gregory Maguire, author.
Justin Smith Morrill, U.S. Representative and Senator from Vermont.
   Notable residents

Lindsey Jacobellis, Olympic snowboarder.
Ross Powers, world champion snowboarder.
Robert Penn Warren, poet and novelist.
Notable residents

Jeremiah Evarts, an opponent of the 1830 Indian Removal Act, was born in Sunderland.
Frances “Fanny” Allen, (1784-1819), first woman of New England birth to become a nun, was born in Sunderland
   Notable residents

Luis Guzmán, actor
Henry Oscar Houghton, cofounder of Houghton Mifflin

Thetford is home to Thetford Academy, Vermont’s oldest secondary school.

   Notable alumni

Thomas Williams Bicknell, historian, educator
William E. Chandler, U.S. Senator, Secretary of Navy
Hannah Slade Currier, educator
John Eaton (General), Civil War leader
Mary Greenleaf Clement Leavitt, temperance movement missionary
Justin Smith Morrill, U.S. Senator

In 1974, Thetford became the first U.S. municipality to call for the impeachment of President Richard M. Nixon

    Notable residents

William Closson, artist
Andrew Cook, businessman
John Eaton, brigadier general
Anne Lindbergh, author and daughter of Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Gustavus Loomis, brigadier general
Harvey Newcomb, clergyman and writer
Grace Paley, National Book Award winning fiction writer and poet
Noel Perrin, essayist
Annie Proulx, author
James S. Shapiro, professor
Henry Wells, businessman and co-founder of Wells Fargo and American Express
Dean Conant Worcester, zoologist, public official, and authority on the Philippines

   Notable residents

Nathaniel Chipman, former Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court and U.S. Senator from Vermont
John Mattocks, former Governor of Vermont
Stephen Royce, former Governor of Vermont
Tom Peters, American writer on business management practices

   Notable residents

Peter W. Galbraith, former United States Ambassador to Croatia and the author of The End of Iraq.
Clarina I. H. Nichols, journalist, lobbyist and public speaker involved in temperance, abolition, and the women’s movement.
Alphonso Taft, United States Attorney General and Secretary of War under President Ulysses S. Grant and the founder of an American political dynasty.
Attila Zoller, guitarist

    Townshend in popular culture

H. P. Lovecraft’s story “The Whisperer in Darkness” is set near Townshend.

Funny Farm with Chevy Chase was filmed in Townshend