VT Richmond – South Hero

Richmond is noted for the Round Church, a rare 16-sided meetinghouse built in 1812-1813.
   Notable residents

Trey Anastasio, guitarist and singer for the music group Phish
Barbara Cochran, Olympic alpine skier and member of the Skiing Cochrans
George F. Edmunds, U.S. Senator from Vermont
Louis Greenough, pioneer and inventor
George Dallas Sherman, first leader of the Burlington Concert Band

The Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference is held annually in Ripton
   Notable residents

Robert Frost – poet
Bill McKibben, environmentalist, nature writer, and author on climate change

Rochester is home to the Quarry Hill Creative Center.
   Notable residents

William Wildman Campbell, congressman from Ohio
Sandy Haas, state representative
Jeremiah Ingalls, early American composer
James Whitcomb, senator and governor of Indiana
   Notable residents

John S. Barry, governor of Michigan
Henry Adams Bellows, lawyer, state legislator and jurist
Jonathan Blanchard, pastor, educator, social reformer, abolitionist and president of Wheaton College
Selim Peabody, educator
Shadrach Roundy, religious leader
Henry Franklin Severens, judge
   Notable natives

Gideon Hixon, member of the Wisconsin State Legislature and businessman

Although Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of Mormonism, was born in the adjacent town of Sharon near the Royalton boundary, the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial lies in the town
Frederick Billings, lawyer, financier and railroad president
Albert Carrington, religious leader
Salmon P. Chase, senator, governor, treasury secretary and chief justice
Jacob Collamer, congressman, postmaster general and senator
Dudley Chase Denison, congressman
Charles Durkee, senator
Truman Henry Safford, calculating prodigy
William Smith, religious leader
   Notable residents

Frederick Buechner
Robert Cochran, colonel of the Green Mountain Boys
Israel Smith, lawyer and politician, 4th Governor of Vermont.
RutlandRutland to become one of the world’s leading marble producers
In 1894, the nation’s first polio outbreak was identified in the Rutland area. 132 people from the Rutland area were affected. Seven died. 110 others suffered some paralysis for life. 55 were from the city itself
Notable residents

James E. Burke, former CEO Johnson & Johnson
Suzy Chaffee, Olympic skier and actress
Barry M. Costello, Vice admiral in the United States Navy[17]
Thomas W. Costello, politician
John Deere, industrialist
Merritt A. Edson, general
Mia Farrow, actress
David Giancola, filmmaker
Joy Hakim, history writer
George Tisdale Hodges, congressman
Steven Howard, politician
Jim Jeffords, senator
Carlene King Johnson, Miss USA 1955
Aaron Lewis, lead singer of the band Staind
Andrea Mead-Lawrence, first American to win two gold Olympic skiing medals
Mary McGarry Morris, novelist
Arlie Pond, baseball player
Robert Stafford, governor, congressman and senator
Cherilee Taylor, TV and movie actress
John Martin Thomas, president of Rutgers University
Dan Tyminski, bluegrass composer, vocalist and instrumentalist
Steve Wisniewski, football player

Fictional residents

Master Pandemonium, comic book villain
Snow Job, G.I. Joe character

   Notable residents and natives

Ormsby B. Thomas, Wisconsin politician
   Notable residents

Irving Adler, author, mathematician, scientist, and educator.
Robert Frost, poet
Jonas Galusha, Governor of Vermont
Jacob M. Howard, U.S. Senator from Michigan
Norman Lear, television writer and producer

   Notable resident

Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of, and prophet for, the Latter Day Saint movement

   Notable residents

Malcolm Goldstein, violinist

   Notable residents

Madeleine Kunin, Governor of Vermont, 1985-1991
Kevin Lepage, NASCAR driver.
Lucius Lyon, U.S. statesman from Michigan.
Ezra Meech (1773-1856), Vermont Representative to United States House of Representatives in the early 19th century.
George A. Meigs (1816-1897), prominent entrepreneur, businessman and shipbuilder in Washington Territory
Barbara Snelling, Lieutenant Governor of Vermont, 1992-1996
Richard Snelling, Governor of Vermont, 1977-1985, 1991
Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888-1960), art collector and founder of the Shelburne Museum.
Dr. William Seward Webb (1851-1926), railroad executive and founder of Shelburne Farms


   Notable residents

Ansel Briggs, first governor of Iowa.
John Smith Chipman, lawyer and politician from the U.S. state of Michigan.
Columbus Delano, former United States Secretary of the Interior.
Richard G. Desautels, American POW not released by North Korea under mysterious circumstances.
Selucius Garfielde, a Delegate from the Territory of Washington.
Silas H. Jennison, the 14th Governor of Vermont.
Augustus C. Hand, lawyer and justice of the New York Supreme Court.
Levi P. Morton, Representative from New York and the 22nd Vice President of the United States.
Ebenezer J. Ormsbee, the 41st Governor of Vermont.
Charles Rich, United States Representative from Vermont.
Thomas Rowley, poet known as “The Bard of the Green Mountains.”
Joel Turrill, U.S. Representative from New York.
In the late 1980s, Shrewsbury received worldwide attention from the media, when a moose spent several months unsuccessfully courting a local farmer’s cow. It is the home of former U.S. Senator Jim Jeffords.

South Burlington
It is also home to the state’s largest mall, the University Mall.
    Notable residents

Harry Bliss, cartoonist and illustrator
Keith Cieplicki, collegiate basketball coach
Major Jackson, poet and professor
Martin St. Louis, professional hockey player
South Hero
   Notable residents

Jewett W. Adams, Governor of Nevada.
Ebenezer Allen, owner of the Pioneer’s Tavern, the first settlement on South Hero and cousin of Ethan Allen.
Asa Lyon was a United States Representative from Vermont.
Fred Swan, artist