Hancock Shaker Village





The Small Town – Hancock, MA           Population 717 (2010 Census)

The Claim to Fame – Shaker Village


The fact that Hancock, MA was once home to a Shaker village is not of great note. There were more than a few of these communities spread out all over the eastern half of the country decades ago.  But Harvard’s Shaker community, like all the rest, is gone.  

Each and every one of them is gone. Hmmm?  I wonder why.  I wonder if their disappearance has anything to do with the fact that one of their core beliefs is celibacy.  Now I’m no expert in such matters, but if you want your community to remain an ongoing entity, celibacy isn’t a real good starting place. 

I realize you can recruit from outside the fold, but, once again, this celibacy thing is problematic.  It isn’t really sweetening the deal.  It’s not a real great sales pitch for potential recruits.  

And to top it all off, just in case anybody’s natural instinct to procreate got the best of them, the communities went to great lengths to keep members of the opposite sex away from each other by having separate living quarters.

So, each and every Shaker community ultimately disappeared from the face of the earth. Hmmmm, mysterious.  

Now if you are really serious about establishing a self-perpetuating community, it would be a good idea to emulate the Catholics and abolish birth control.