What's a "Small Town?"
An incorporated city/town of 25,000 people or less.
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A famous person. Egs.                 athlete, actor, politician.
Events.  Egs.  battle, crime, 
       accident, sporting, legal,                music, festivals, filming of              movie.

Sports Championships.
Most extreme... oldest,                 largest, smallest, etc. 
Notable structures,       organizations.
       egs. museum, recreation,              schools, restaurants,                     historical place, zoo,                     statue/marker. 
       Oddities, Creatures, UFO's,         etc. 
       Geological.  egs. caves

Jamison Huhner

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                 Yellville, AR

Turkey Drop Video

One of the longest traditions in Yellville is the annual Turkey Trot festival. Beginning in 1945 with the first turkey dropped from the roof of the Marion County Courthouse, the festival continues today. It is held every second weekend of October with the best-known attraction being live turkeys that are dropped from airplanes over the town square. October 2005 marked the 60th anniversary of this festival. The 1970s television show, WKRP in Cincinnati, parodied the turkey drop on one of their best-known episodes. Yellville and the Turkey Trot Festival were also included in the American supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer in 1989 with photographs of the festival and commentary on animal cruelty. Due to the bad press, the turkey drop ceased for a few years. It has since resumed. The Turkey Trot festival also includes a Miss Turkey Trot Pageant, a Miss Drumstickz Competition (best legs), dinners, musical entertainment, a 5 kilometer run, a parade (which has included former Arkansas governor and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee), and a nationally recognized turkey calling contest sponsored by the National Wild Turkey Federation. Crafts and tools related to the hunting of wild turkeys are also sold in streetside booths along the town square. Entertainment at Turkey 
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