Random Nonsense – My New Air Filter


It came as some surprise to me that my truck needed a new air filter, since I had just installed a new one a couple of weeks ago, but who am I to question the experts at Jiffy Lube, and, I must admit, the guy did take the time to show me the filter and it did have a little dirt on it. I was also caught off guard by the fact that a truck of my particular make and model requires a special “turbo” air filter which was going cost a great deal more than a regular one. Lucky for me that today, of all days, the turbo filters were on sale for only $119, a steep discount off the regular price of $149.   And if that wasn’t enough, this helpful guy said that the labor, which usually runs about $59.99, was temporarily on sale, but he said, looking at his watch, that this deal expired in about 5 minutes.  Pressed for time, but sensing he wanted to do some business, I said “you do it all for $200 even and you got yourself a deal.”  He seemed a bit overwhelmed and confused and I could tell that he didn’t have much experience matching wits with a negotiator of my caliber. Sensing weakness, I moved in for the kill.  “My last offer is $210, take it or leave it.”  He said he would have to talk to the manager and disappeared into the restroom, returning after a few seconds to let me know that he had really, really tried but the best he could do would be $225.  Having beat him down so badly already, I felt a little generous, so I shook his hand and said, “You got a deal.”


I must admit I felt a little guilty as I drove off, waving at those fools in the rear view mirror, but it’s a dog eat dog world, and dogs like me end up having dog for lunch almost every day.